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Unplanned Weekend 
22nd-Oct-2012 01:38 pm [apis / lynn, knitting, planning, weekend report]
Fairy Dreamer
Saturday was somewhat planned ... but none of it happened. I'd hoped to do a bit of cleaning. Instead Lynn built weapons for Miss Kid and I played Star Wars with her. I'd suggest it for this week but Monday we have more shopping and Tuesday we'll actually be going back to weekly gaming so we can game with our favorite GM and playtest D&D Next. Honestly I'm not even sure what to do about the cleaning thing. To do what I really want we'd have to get rid of a ton of boxes but we have nowhere to put things that are in the boxes and we don't want to get rid of the things. Plus, our lease is up in Jan so I'm not even sure how long we'll be here. 

Sunday was Dag practice. However, with everybody at OniCon in Galveston I knew that it was unlikely that anybody would show. We did go to the park for a couple hours and work with each other, mostly Lynn and Miss Kid. I love her lots but I do get very frustrated that when I ask for just one spar session with just him she can't give me that. I finally gave up and just let them go at it. After a couple hours we headed back home and did a lot of yarn organizing, cleaning up the stash and setting 3 bags aside to give away. It's all yarn I got for free and will never use since it's all old, scratchy acrylic. I also spread out the yarn for my next few projects and tried to figure out what to work on next. With the chocolate socks in limbo I'm having a hard time deciding. 

And that was our weekend.
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