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Weekend of Rest ... Kinda 
29th-Oct-2012 10:53 am [apis / lynn, dagorhir, sewing, weekend report]
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Friday Lynn called in sick as he wasn't feeling well at all. He ended up sleeping nearly all day and still managed to get a full night's sleep in. Saturday he slept until noon-ish as well. Hopefully all that sleep did him some good, though he was still sounding a bit rough this morning. 

After we got moving Saturday we did a few errands before heading back home. I finally got to pull out the sewing patterns and take a look at them. Two problems, I don't have interfacing or the buttons I'll need for the one I really see as being part of my unbalanced dark fey persona for Dagorhir. And, probably the biggest one ... I haven't a clue how to read sewing patterns. So ... I'm looking for somebody local to teach me and hitting up youtube for videos. So far the stupid videos just talk about how helpful patterns are. 

Sunday was Dagorhir. Because we got there early we got a chance to work with a friend on some basic drills and forms. There's 'so' much I need to work on, but I was making some progress while there and out on the field. I get confused because I'm so used to mental activity and was never much for physical, much less physical that requires mental work at the same time and I end up trying to over process. But hopefully Lynn will be feeling better soon and we can work together. I did a couple of the big battles, Lynn mostly sat on the side wrapped in a cloak.

Mostly a good weekend, even with the frustrations as it just means there's more that I need to learn. At least I have a plan for learning a large chunk of it.
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