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Weekend of Fun 
17th-Dec-2012 09:36 am [apis / lynn, dad, dagorhir, friends, party, weekend report]
Friday I sat around all day waiting for the maintance guys to show up. When Lynn got home he went to the office to ask why they hadn't showed up. This all after the day before they threw a fit becuase I never recieved the notice that maintance was coming and didn't have things ready when they arrived. So we destroyed the apartment moving things around so all the outlets would be accessable ... and they never showed up. We've been assured they will be here today ... along with another maintance crew that will require I vacate the apartment, with the dog, for 30 - 45 minutes. 

Saturday we took Dad to Kpop for some awesome sushi. Later that evening we got all dressed up to attend a christmas party. There was a bit of stupidity as somebody tried to bring in their kid, despite the invitation being marked as nobody under 18 allowed and it being a tradition for over 30 years (so the whole "I forgot" excuse was rather silly, since they've been attending this party far longer than I have) but that was fixed and the rest of the night was very fun. 

Sunday we bid fairwell to Dad. It was wonderful to have the week with him and to share a bit of my world with him. We took him to gaming on Tuesday, shared a Dagorhir video, and had many tasty dinners together. Hopefully we can make it a yearly or every 2 years thing. We headed off to practice, though the rain apparently drove most of the group off. After a few very small battles Lynn and I decided it was time for date night. We returned home and cleaned up to go to Olive Garden. It was really nice to have that time.

It was a great weekend, so much fun and laughter, and time to reconnect with my husband. 
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