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Steadfast Love
I'd walk a 1000 miles, just for you.
2012 Year of Life 
Fairy Dreamer


I struggled with depression and keeping up appearances as Lynn lost his job. I opened Shadow’s Knit Knacks and really started handling the knitting for friends like a business. I was still in LJ Idol having fun keeping up with that. I was also working on rewrites for Finding Magic.


I participated in A Month of Craft Photos that a fellow blogger came up with. I loved finding new ways to photograph things based on the prompts. I finished up my first ‘official’ commission with the new business name. We attended OwlCon and ran two games as well as playing three others. Dragon came and kidnapped me for a weekend.


I got my website up and running so that I could begin expanding my customer base. By request I started posting the manicure I was sporting each week. I was also asked to come on board as staff for Space City Con. Miss Kid turned 11 and we got her ears pierced; she also struggled with turning paperwork in on time, nearly failing classes because of it. Lynn was hired at Baker Hughes. I spend a week with Dragon in Austin. Lynn and I struggled a lot with his negativity and lack of support. I was voted out of Idol. Inara was purchased.


The month started off very rocky with a lot of miscommunication and Lynn’s continued negativity about pretty much everything. I participated in Knit and Crochet Blog week, spending a week blogging specifically about my fiber crafts. I still struggled a lot with depression and dark thoughts about myself.


Dragon and I celebrated 3 years of relationship! My mother forgot that I existed until she was reminded … by a family member. Problems continued at home, including a massive blow up / relationship fail after Comicpalooza. I began walking daily and managed 4.9 miles for the month.


Things with Lynn were much better, slowly improving. He later told me he needed the extremely bad of May to happen before he would realize how bad things were.  We were finally able to set up doctor appointments and figure out the whys of a few things. My father moved from Houston, but I was able to celebrate Father’s Day with him before he left. I walked 23.9 miles.


Miss Kid came to live with us for our month of summer visitation. I began and ended PT and saw improvement on my back. Space City Con was looming before us and we were quickly organizing things to have a smooth and fun first year. I finally got to see the circus live!! Dream Achieved!  I had to completely quit my walks for a bit so that we could fix the issue with my back and only walked 9.1 miles.


Space City Con was a blast and one of the best times I’ve had at a convention, ever. Sorcha came to visit for a week ‘and’ I got a Dragon for a weekend later in the month. I walked 14.4 miles.


Lynn and I celebrated 3 years of marriage, 5 years of friendship. Inara decided that she ‘had’ to be formatted and reset up. Also the new phone I purchased earlier this year decided to seize up as well. It was a great month for friends, not so great for technology. We began attending Dagorhir fighter practices. I walked 21 miles.


Lynn built our first swords and I sewed Miss Kid a tunic for Dagorhir. There was a bit of miscommunication in terms of Space City Con organization for next year but that was quickly cleared up and worked out. Miss Kid once more struggled with turning paperwork in at school and failed a 6 weeks because of it. I walked 25.9 miles.


More miss-communication surrounding my birthday, as there so often seems to be. But overall Lynn and I were doing much better, talking more, and working things out. I began NaNoWriMo but got permission to drop it as it was stressing me out with a story I hated. Thanksgiving was low key but I got to spend it with Dragon and Lynn and then spent a week with Dragon in Austin. I also finished up my very first big sewing project, my first following the pattern project, and my first clothing project, all in one! I walked 33.8 miles.


My Dad came to stay with us for a week. We dealt with a few apartment issues and Lynn finally came to the conclusion that we have way too much stuff. He’s willingly working with me to clear out the clutter and we’re talking a ‘lot’ more, able to work out problems so that both of us are happy, and having a lot more quality time together. We are feeling much stronger for all that we’ve faced together. I also got to meet Kitty in person! I walked 27.1 miles, less than I’d hoped for with all the upheaval in the apartment and chaotic schedules, but it brought my total for the year to 160.1 miles.

The year has been hard, for both of us.  It’s been a year of struggle and strife but as we close out the year we’ve both been able to look back and see what we could have done differently. We’ve been able to talk to each other and set in place better way to handle problems. I have my husband back, he’s rejoined this world and shaken off nearly all of the darkness that was surrounding him. I have hope as we begin a new year and I think that’s one of the greatest things you can start a year with. Our journey has been dark but there’s light just around the bend.

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