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Repost: Basically perfect cat seeking good foster home. In Dallas, but WILL TRAVEL. 
13th-Jan-2013 10:37 am [helping out]
Helping Hands
Originally posted by naamah_darling at Basically perfect cat seeking good foster home. In Dallas, but WILL TRAVEL.
Hey, folks! We need to find a home for TinTin. We've seen her here before. Ashbet took her in back in November, when her owners had to leave a bad domestic situation, and they couldn't take her with them. The home Ashbet was going to place her in fell through, and now we need to find another!

And we really do need to find her a home, because she's doing poorly with the other cat in the household. They don't get along. She's a lovely cat otherwise. She just needs to be an only cat. She would do fine with dogs, just not other kitties.

TinTin is in Dallas, Texas, but travel elsewhere can probably be arranged.


Nice things about her:

She is VERY affectionate!

She is six years old. That is not old, but it's well out of kittenhood, which is a plus. Here is why adopting an older cat kicks all kinds of ass. In short, they make fantastic companions and are not annoying, like kittens, which are cute but have no brains at all.

TinTin wasn't re-homed for behavior problems, or treated badly. She's a good cat! She just doesn't get on with other cats. Hey, some of us humans don't get on with other humans. Luckily, introverted humans and introverted people get along with each other just fine!

She's a Maine Coon type, and they are wonderful cats. OMG, you have not been snuggled until you have had Maine Coon snuggles! She weighs 15 1/2 pounds. For anyone who needs a perfectly snuggle-sized kitty, this is good news! It is a lovely size for cuddles, just lovely, as Smooch can tell you.

I do not know this for sure, but after 25 cats I can guess: she's probably really quiet. Maine Coons are not noisy animals. They have tiny little voices.

She's been microchipped, and the info can be transferred to you. That's, what, sixty to a hundred bucks, plus the exam? Comes free!

She's had her shots. Again, awesome and free!

Clean bill of health and complete vet records! She's been very well cared for.

No fleas.

She likes being brushed -- wow -- but Maine Coons don't NEED brushing every day like other longhairs. So you can enjoy her silky low-maintenance coat. She will let you pet it all you want.

She LIKES not having other cats around! She'd be perfect for someone who wants only one cat, but doesn't want to make a more extroverted cat lonely. She loves humans, and loving on humans, and will be quite happy with humans. And food.

So, please signal boost for me? You never know who is reading you. Could be someone looking for a smoky-furred, yellow eyed, sugar-sweet young lady in good health and with many years of snuggling and happy-paws ahead of her? Because she would love to be your special friend forever and ever.

TUMBLR LINK! Reblarg that to your heart's content.

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14th-Jan-2013 02:24 pm (UTC)
Oh, I hope the sweetheart gets a good home. She looks like such a cutie! Even though our own are two rather short-haired bonsai cats compared to that, I'd totally love her.
14th-Jan-2013 03:31 pm (UTC)
I hope so too. :)
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