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WIP Wednesday: Cherie 
1st-May-2013 06:53 am [job hunt, knitting, quilting, reading, sewing, wip]
I finally decided, with a bit of nudging from noevilliveon, to start on a bit of clothing that I'd been avoiding. I've been avoiding clothing in general due to concern over spending that much time and yarn on something and it not looking right. Plus, I'm a larger girl, so it takes more yarn, though I'm losing weight, which is another concern if I lose enough to be a smaller size before I finish the top. Luckily I think this will fit for a while even if I do manage to go down a size. I've been a bit frustrated by working on size 13s after working on nothing larger than an 8 for ages now, but I should soon be down to a 9 for the rest of this.

With being so busy over the weekend and then sick yesterday I haven't spent much time with the fabric. But with a little help from Lynn last night I got the pieces cut for the Flying Geese block. 4 rectangles each in purple and blue and 16 black squares.

Job Hunt:
I have another interview tomorrow! This one I'm really hoping goes well as I think it would be a really good fit.


A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin. I'm still loving it and enjoying it. It feels a bit draggy but that's mostly because I haven't had as much time to sit and read as I'd like. But I'm halfway through and then I can get to reading a bit of homework that I have for work.
1st-May-2013 06:01 pm (UTC)
Good luck with the interview! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
1st-May-2013 10:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I really think it'll be a great place for me. :D
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