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Steadfast Love
I'd walk a 1000 miles, just for you.
Giant Update 
11th-Jun-2013 06:55 am [apis / lynn, computer, friends, happiness, link, scc, swtor, work]
Apparently somebody by the name of Tricia LeClerc decided to be helpful and email several people to tell them about my post yesterday. Whether they were trying to start something or to warn people I know not since they wouldn't answer me when I emailed them to ask them to stop.

At any rate I locked the post for the moment to put a stop to their activities. I only found out because a friend came asking about why she might be receiving such an email.

So, in other news, now that I can post without feeling like I'm going to be scolded or given the silent treatment ... Life has been busy!

There's so much going on. First new job! I love the new job! If I could have dreamed up the perfect dream job created magically just for me I still wouldn't have dreamt up this incredible of a job. The only downside I'm finding so far is that I have to get dressed to do it since I have to leave the house. However, on the plus side, there's not really a dress code so I can wear jeans or dress up as I feel like. I'm learning everyday, doing different things, and finding little ways to smooth the processes. I'm hanging out with a bunch of geeks and laughing about gaming, pop culture, and random geekery. Life is good.

Second, Lynn! For the past month now I've had my husband back, the guy I married. I think I finally got through to him that if he ignores me past a certain comfort level then I get angry at being ignored and we begin having problems. He's understanding that he needs to be a little less internal for us to function, for him to fully function. He's been a bit more attentive, though still with plenty of alone time for him, and things have been much more harmonious in the home. Life is good.

Space City Con! Oh My God things are ramping up! We had a meeting Sunday and there was so much incredible and I can't share any of it but suffice to say that we are going to blow up in terms of registration. We've been able to announce the we'll have The Pink Five Saga and we've gotten such a massive push from higher sources. Plus we'll have the Tardis console used for the 7th Dr Who, who will also be with us. And already we're making plans for next year and :squee: some of my favorite names will be there!

New Computer! I have added Stormborn to the mix. She is a Lenovo H520, duel core, 500GB HD, and if I still had a working monitor I could tell you more about her. The storm on Sunday killed my monitor, new one will be acquired on payday which happens to be this Saturday. But I finally got to log to Star Wars The Old Republic and Oh Sweet Gods the game is beautiful!

Crafting! I have fabric for a dress! Whee! I'll need to start cutting pieces soon, but first comes ironing. I also have made progress on Giant Shawl of Doom; it is apparently a thing for me to have one of these a year). It makes me seriously concentrate but I love it ever so much ... and yet I'll be thrilled to pack it up and mail it off.

Sweet friends! I apparently have a Love Thread. The kind belgatherial started up a Women's Love Post and michikatinski was sweet to put my name in. Stop by and leave love for all your friends at the Girl Love! post!

And now I must jet for Time is .... fleeting! ;)
(Deleted comment)
11th-Jun-2013 12:58 pm (UTC)
Glad you like your new job! :-)
11th-Jun-2013 01:52 pm (UTC)
LeClerc, the jerk. :/
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