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So Much to Do 
16th-Aug-2013 12:16 pm [computer, happiness, larp, silly, to do]
Accio brain!
I feel like it's been rush rush all week, but not necessarily bad.

So, Inara's HD failed, spectacularly. Luckily, thanks to the amazing guys I work with I have a new hard drive, everything's been reset up, and I'm currently yanking files off the old hard drive and will be able to transfer them a few at a time. I went ahead and stuck with keeping her name as Inara as she's been a good companion to me and I hope she stays around for a long while more. I had a mini panic attack when I thought I might have lost the financial records for Shadow's Knit Knacks but no, I was able to grab them. And now I look into Mozy backups because no, no, no. I have to have those.

Last night I finished up my garb dress for this weekend. At least, other than the bottom hem which isn't that important in this particular type of fabric, I strongly believe it's all done. Once we're back I'll look into possibly making another bodice to wear.

Tonight I need to rush a packing job to get us out of the house asap, drop the Nox Puppy off with noevilliveon, and then drive to Woodville for the event. I need to stop for bug spray along the way as I'm not sharing my bed, toilet, and shower with a million and one spiders again. Ick, no. I also need to fix Miss Kid's kitty ears so they stay on her head. Crafting in a Car 101, I'm sure.

I also need to write up 2 quotes, one for socks to be worn with a kilt and then for Loki amigurumis. Because adorable, that's why!! I believe the comment was "shut up and take my money". But I think these will have to wait until Monday ... unless I take the laptop out to the woods and see about researching while everybody is sleeping off the 3am raid.

Meanwhile I'm having an argument with Lynn about if doughnuts are pacifists or not. I say they are, he says they're not. Whee!
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