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Mother Wolf
Sometimes we need the chance to get things off our chest while knowing that we won't be judged. Sometimes we need to talk to somebody just to get things straight in our own head. Sometimes we just want to share a thought with somebody.

Here's your chance.

Comments are screened and anonymous posting is allowed. Tell the box anything you need to get off your chest or out of your head. If it's something you want to discuss further, leave a way of contacting you.

Secrets come here to die. What's posted here is simply between you and I. I won't even contact you about it unless you ask me to.

The Confessional Box is now open.

Platform: Steam/PC

Controls: Keyboard & Mousepad

Acquired: I purchased.

Agatha Christie has been a name I've known for most of my life. I feel like the books have always been a thing I knew about and I think I even tried to read one at some point in my earlier years. I suspect I might have been too young for it.

The game is a point and click where you try to solve mysteries. It's very paced. I couldn't find ways to speed anything up, like the speech, or skip parts that I've already read before the person finished speaking. Though, the speech was clear, easy to understand, and had different voices for different people so that was enjoyable. The artwork was also clean and nice to look at. It felt old, but in a charming way that some of the newer, shinier games can't quite capture.

You search areas for clues by moving your mouse pointer over the screen and it zeroes in when you finally close in on a clue. A mini game of putting clues together to answer questions is also present.

The game doesn't really need you to do deductive reasoning as it leads you through everything. It felt like a little too much hand holding for my taste, though if I were younger, or the stay at home wife / insomniac that I once was, I'd probably feel it was worth my time.

I managed 86 minutes before I felt that I'd gotten as much out of it as I was going to. I added it to the meh folder and I suspect that I might one day reinstall it again. But for the moment I have other games that I want to try out.

Rating: 3/5

Somehow this child's sweater hopped onto my needles because there's a little boy that's behind on knit things when compared to his sister. I suspect it'll go pretty fast as once it's past the ribbing I'll be on to the straight knitting and I can work on it anywhere. Though I'm going to try to use this vast amount of stockinette to work on continental knitting instead of throwing.

I haven't had a chance to start on the next game up for testing out but hopefully tonight I'll finally have a chance to play a bit of Bard's Tale.


Perceptions by Lee Strauss. I'm a bit over halfway on this and it's pretty standard fare. Privileged girl in a genetically modified world has her world altered and sees some of the dirt behind the facade. She falls in love with an underprivileged boy and they team up. It's not a bad version of it but nor is it so fantastic that I'll go hunting down others. Now, if they fall into my lap then I'll more than likely read them.

Well, I came to the end of my first sock yarn sooner than I thought. Of course I also had 2 four hour shifts at the event this past weekend so plenty of time to work on them while waiting for people to sign in. I knew this was a long term project but now I'm wanting to finish my current stripy socks super fast so I can add more to this. :laugh:

Speaking of the current stripy socks ... I did also do a bit of work on these while at the event since I didn't take another project with me. I thought about it and meant to ask the hubby to grab my other project but then completely forgot. Ah well, work on these is good and I still finished the other project shortly after we got home. Today I verified that I have quite a lot of yarn left though I should remove the lengths I'll need for the heel before too much longer. I can't wait to have another pair of socks to add into the rotation.

Of course, despite knowing that I should focus on the socks and finish them up I'm looking at using the last of the yarn left over from the smocked sweater to do a child's hat, probably a beret, plus a sweater for a toddler, oh, and another facecloth from some scrap green cotton. Never enough to do I guess.

I've been playing Antichamber, an indie game that I  was super interested in when I first heard about it. It's a puzzle / maze game. I love the various ways that you have to look at things to get through the puzzles and the little signs along the walls. I just found my first ring and I'm experimenting with that. I'll probably give it a little break as I want to try other things as well but I'll certainly be coming back to it and seeing if I can finish it.


A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter. I just have a few pages left on this book. If I happen across the other 2 books in the trilogy I'll certainly grab them. The story reminds me a bit of Twilight but better written with multifaceted characters.

The smocked sweater is coming along super fast I'm already done with the body and I'm about half done with the front half. I really love how adorable it looks and it's so incredibly soft.

The 10 stitch blanket is also making progress. It's still small enough to take with me to work and work on during my lunch break. When it gets larger I'll have to find another portable project. Meanwhile I love it. I've finally figured out the way I want to join the sides and I like how it looks.

I'm trying to go through my Steam library and figure out which games I want to keep around and toss the stuff I'm less interested in. I gave 7 Wonders a try and it was boring, to say the least. It's been shuffled off to the Don't Bother folder. I also tried And Yet It Moves. It's a fun physics game. I don't know how long it will hold my interest but for the moment it's fun to spin the world around and watch my dude fall.


The Book of Coming Forth from the House of Rejoicing, Part 1 by Libbie Hawker. Historical fiction based in Egypt. The story is almost over and I will probably need to go hunting down the next one.

It's been ... a long while. Losing Kaela so soon after Nox, and then the wedding, attempting to cope with overwhelming depression (despite being happy about the wedding), and not handling feeling cut off from all the social sites with the lack of laptop, it all spun me around. But despite everything, I have managed to keep on creating, here and there. I've been trying to also keep up with all my friends on my phone but it's not the easiest to comment with so I often left it at reading or dropping a like as I could. And now I have a laptop again so I'll be able to post and keep up with everybody much easier.

Apparently the kitty has decided to help with the knitting. She drags some yarn out and around the house and rather than attempt to find a new place to hide it (I have most of my yarn in containers but she's learned to climb and I don't have room for the stuff that was up high) I've been untangling it and starting a project with it. The first of these is a Smocked Sweater for the niece. I think it'll look adorable on her. I've just gotten past the seed stitch portion but it feels like it's going to go quickly.

I also decided to finally start a long term project that I've been tossing around for a couple years or more. I'm using the little scrap bits of stripy sock yarn to make a 10 stitch blanket. So far I'm pretty happy with it.

And of course, speaking of stripy socks, I've a pair of those on the needles. They're the same pair as before but with a lot more progress. The heel has been marked and the cuff has been started. I really need to buy a 0 needle to do sock ribbing with but I keep forgetting.


I recently finished Journey and really enjoyed it, despite finishing it in a couple days.


Push not the River by James Conroyd Martin. I'm nearly done with this and have greatly enjoyed it. I love historical novels and a look at how things might have been.


These are making progress thanks to a couple movie nights. Though I'm now at the point where I'll have to start considering the heel, I think it might be after this next color. Then I'll just knit away until I only have enough left for the heels.Truly mindless knitting. I have some other yarn wound up but I want to get these to a row or two after the afterthought heel marker so I don't have to measure anymore.

Oh man, I got some lovely game time in on Memorial Day. Somebody suggested we do stuff and I said no, I'm going to play video games. I hit up Salt & Sanctuary, Doom, and Fallout 4 with appropriate breaks for my wrist. I even had a nap in the middle of the day. So wonderful.

Venue payments have been sorted out. The outfits have supposedly shipped last Wednesday. The bouquets are being put together by my wedding planner. I have the thread to start making the hair accessories. I need to order the leather for the belts. We'll pick up our wedding license on Friday. And we leave for our week-long honeymoon in just 17 days. The wedding is in 52 days. I have faith it'll all settle into place.


Amid the Shadows by Michael C. Grumley. Had I known this was more a Christian mystery I likely wouldn't have bothered. The author wants to be the next Dan Brown but there's more talk about God's plan. And all that's fine if it's what I was looking for but some of that should have been mentioned in the blurb about the story.

20th-May-2016 06:30 am - Pretty Chilly [knitting]
This lovely alpaca was begging to be close to me. And oddly enough, I didn't have any black hats.

I love how super stretchy the fabric is.

And I love the delicate lace and cables mixed together.

These are slowly growing. I keep checking my measurements and counting my rows .. and making lots of notes on my pdf so I can easily do the next one.I just go to the heel increases so I suspect this one will be done before long and I can start on the second.

Costume Quest 2 found it's way into my game library so I've been gathering all the costumes and candy.


Cold Fear by Rick Mofina. I'm just starting it so not enough to judge it by, though so far it's quickly pulling new people into the story. So we'll see where it goes.
13th-May-2016 06:30 am - Double the Cables [knitting]
Mother Wolf
I suspect I'll end up wearing a lot more of my knitting later this year, when it gets cool again.

I had a bit of cascade left over from some project or another. This pattern is wonderful with cascade, the cables pop so nicely.

Eventually I'll have hats in all the colors and I can accessorize to my heart's content.

Mother Wolf
Finally! I'm making the tiny socks that will just barely cover my feet to wear at the wedding. I want a little bit of cushioning in the heels and I want something made by me. Plus they're a gorgeous blue.

His ring is in hand and the hotel is booked. Only 73 more days!

Quite a bit of Fallout 4 ... I'm forever behind.


Lionheart: A Novel of Richard by Martha Rofheart. It's various viewpoints of King Richard. It's interesting and a change of pace from the recent reading.
Sometimes we need the chance to get things off our chest while knowing that we won't be judged. Sometimes we need to talk to somebody just to get things straight in our own head. Sometimes we just want to share a thought with somebody.

Here's your chance.

Comments are screened and anonymous posting is allowed. Tell the box anything you need to get off your chest or out of your head. If it's something you want to discuss further, leave a way of contacting you.

Secrets come here to die. What's posted here is simply between you and I. I won't even contact you about it unless you ask me to.

The Confessional Box is now open.
6th-May-2016 12:15 pm - The Rare Request [life, wedding]

78 days to the wedding and life kinda hit us in the stomach, hard. Our only car was totaled when a girl pulled out in front of Jon and there was no way he could stop fast enough. We'll likely get nothing from it as we still owed a bit on it. Meanwhile, we still have to find another car, plus probably pay off the totaled car. We couldn't afford a 2nd car payment, thus only the one car. And now he's been a week out of work since he's a delivery driver and can't work without a car.

We're looking at possibly having to cancel things, like the honeymoon trip to camp out and fight for a week. If you want to throw money at us, that would be awesome; as little as $5 would be a appreciated. If not, that's cool too, I just wanted to see if we could get a little help.

We don't have a registry, just the gofundme. We live in about 300sf, so not a lot of room for stuff, and no kitchen so most of what I'd ask for I don't have a need for at the moment. All the money in the gofundme is being considered as wedding gifts, first to help pay off the venue, then to pay for the honeymoon, and finally, if there's anything left over, household things that we would have put on the registry, like bed and bath items.

I just really want to make this the best wedding / honeymoon ever for the man I love. He says I just have to be there for that, but I'd like awesome memories of a beautiful day and an incredible week of doing the thing we love, together.


Kane & Shadow's Wedding Fund

I've pushed a bit and finished up the first sock and I'm done with the heel turn on the second. I know this part goes fairly quickly, I just have to pace myself a little since my wrist is still twingy at times. But, it's good progress and I'm happy with it.

All the silk flowers have been purchased, as well as ribbons for the stems. His ring has been purchased. And my bridesmaid sent pictures of the bridemaid's dresses and those look wonderful. I haven't been able to get a tracking number for my dress and his outfit but hopefully that will be handled soon.

I've mostly been hiding in Lego Avengers, when I have time for gaming. It requires little thought though I'm hitting the point where getting all the things is beginning to feel a little frustrating.


Cry of Honor by Morgan Rice. This is the 4th book in the series and I'm looking forward to returning to a story that I've enjoyed.
Nox - Standing

My sweet, darling puppy.

I miss you so much.

When I first saw Nox she was pressed to the front of the cage bars looking down at the floor. She was scared of heights and they had her in the top crate. She didn’t cower at the back of the cage, instead she sat at the front and stared her fear in the face. When I opened the cage to visit with her she instantly trusted that I wouldn’t drop her. She nuzzled so hard while sitting in my lap it was as though she was trying to merge with me.

She was my birthday present and I often called her my precious. We never bothered to work out her actual birthday but instead celebrated her birthday with mine. She nearly always had a treat of some sort.


More than once my first husband would drive me into a panic attack with his abuse and behaviour. She would often crawl into my lap and bring me out of the inner hell my brain was unleashing on me. No matter how bad it was she could always show me the way home. My spirit puppy always tied me to earth.

She never begged for food. Occasionally she’d steal food if you left it out. Clearly, if you left it unattended it was no longer wanted by you. She would wait patiently under the table if you had pork chops because she knew the bone was for her. She would give me the side eye when I opened tuna. The juice always went over her dry food and after I was finished with the bowl she would help clean the last traces. She loved being helpful.


She loved to play on the bed. We would often roughhouse and tussle when I came home. She was always super careful to not nip my hands. She was not so careful with others. When she was done I’d crawl up on the bed and we’d snuggle; she’d push as close to me as she could.

When my SO and I would fight she’d crawl up between us at night. She often shoved my first husband off the bed while he was sleeping if we went to bed angry. When voices were raised she’d stand between us, refusing to allow any hurtful touch. My fierce protector.


She was always happy to see me, running to me as fast as she could. This occasionally had humorous consequences when she was on a leash. She made it clear that she loved attention but Mommy’s attention was the absolute best, second to none. My faithful friend.

When it rained she was scared, but she knew I’d protect her. She’d snuggle closer to me in the bed, sometimes abandoning her chosen place at the foot of the bed to press her head to my chest. I’d gently pet her and tell her it was okay, she was dry and safe. My trusting girl always knew I’d take care of her.


She got older, more stubborn. But she was still careful of others and let the kitten pounce on her all the time. The only time she ever nipped at her that I know of, the kitty was trying to steal food. Nox had just been yelled at for stealing the kitty’s food. I assume she figured that was fair. Hers was hers. Granted, at one time she also backed a full grown husky off her bowl, a dog that was easily 3 times the size of Nox. In the end, she curled up on the blanket we shared while sitting on the couch before she walked the rainbow bridge. I didn’t make it home in time but she had that part of us there with her and she knew I loved her more than anything.

My Nox, Yoda Puppy, Nix Nox, Nox Sidious, Noxxie, My Precious

My very best friend, I know you’re happy and frolicking. I wish I’d been there but I’m sure Nanny and Grandad are spoiling you rotten, as they did when they were here. I love you. I miss you.

March 2000 - April 2016.

Nox - Standing

The socks are coming along nicely. I was worried they wouldn't fit but after a quick try on I think they'll be fine, even if a smidgen on the tight side. I also think going up a size would be too large. And likely with a wash the yarn will relax a little. I'm on to the gusset decrease so hopefully by next week I'll have the mate cast on.

I created a character in Salt and Sanctuary. That's a fun game. I love the style of the art and the combat is pretty simple, if frustrating at time trying to get the boss rhythm down. I also played a bit in Lego Avengers and beat the story line. Now to go through and unlock everything.

All the envelopes that will be handed out locally have been addressed, and the correct number of cards have been set aside for mailing. I just need to make an adjustment to the wording on the RSVP and buy a USB drive so I can print them out.


Asylum: 13 Tales of Terror by Matt Drabble. I might have a new author to add to my list of favorite horror writers. He hasn't topped Stephen King ... but he's certainly up there. I'll have to snag the second book. These are lovely, short bits of horror.

Mother Wolf
Sometimes we need the chance to get things off our chest while knowing that we won't be judged. Sometimes we need to talk to somebody just to get things straight in our own head. Sometimes we just want to share a thought with somebody.

Here's your chance.

Comments are screened and anonymous posting is allowed. Tell the box anything you need to get off your chest or out of your head. If it's something you want to discuss further, leave a way of contacting you.

Secrets come here to die. What's posted here is simply between you and I. I won't even contact you about it unless you ask me to.

The Confessional Box is now open.
Mother Wolf
I finally got a good chunk of time to sit and work on these Monday during WWE Raw. I'm happy with the pattern, though it takes a bit more of my attention that I'd like. Hopefully I'll still have plenty of time to get them and the next set done.

I don't think I've played anything. I feel like I'm coming down with a sinus infection and somehow all my time keeps disappearing.

The top brown is knit cotton for a new dress for me. The brown and green duckcloth in the center is a tabard for Lycus. The brown linen on the bottom will become a new tunic for Jon. Lots of stuff to get finished before this weekend.


Harbored Secrets by Marie F. Martin. I'm not sure what to think about this one. The story keeps jumping back and forth between the now of the protagonist and the then of her childhood, though each is told in order.
1st-Apr-2016 06:30 am - Lycus' Tunic [dagorhir, sewing]
Pen / Sword
A new member in the unit means near gear. And the first thing that everybody needs in terms of clothing is a tunic. Parts are fairly easy but not just any shirt will do.

I experimented with a slightly heavier fabric plus gussetts under the arms. So far it's holding up nicely. He's happy with it and I'm happy with it.

I was a little worried the heavier fabric would be too hot for summer wear but it doesn't seem to be too bad. Of course we also haven't hit high summer temps yet either.

And of course my obsession with the neckline. :laugh:
30th-Mar-2016 06:30 am - WIP Wednesday: Socks! [gaming, knitting, reading, wedding, wip]
What we have here is a clear failure ... in many ways. This was going to be a pair of Thelonious socks. Between the insane number of special spots in the pattern, my lack of counting, and my general frustration, over 2 inches was ripped out yesterday at lunch. I had plenty of time to cast on the newly decided upon pattern (which I've since changed) but it was right about then, with various knitting bits scattered across my desk, that what felt like, the whole office decided I needed to give up my lunch time and do more work. Instead, later today these will begin a journy to be knit up into In and Out socks. It takes less yardage anyhow and should leave me just enough to eek out the slippers I want for the wedding.

The new stripy socks though, those are going great. I whipped throug the set up for the toes and got it ready to take with us for a showing of BvS on Saturday with our fighting friends. The movie was okay, not my favorite, but I had happy knitting during the whole thing.

I've started addressing the invitations. I suspect my wedding planner is bowing out but I'll make due.

Little bits of Fallout 4 here and there. Honestly, work is killing me. I'm working at least 9 hours a day with intense brain usage so by the time I get home I'm mush.


Unhappenings by Edward Aubry. I'm really enjoying this and I keep flipping back to it when I'd normally play a game in the car or read something else while waiting for things to upload at work. I'll have to look up more from the author.
23rd-Mar-2016 06:30 am - WIP Wednesday: Nearly Socks [gaming, knitting, reading, wip]
Nox - Standing
I can finally knit again!! I finish up the cowl and the socks are nearly done too! I just have the heels to put in and then I can start on the next pair of stripy socks. I need to have them past the toe increases by Saturday so I can knit at the movies and not have to think about numbers.

I played about 15 minutes of Lego Avengers. I'm trying to take things a bit slow, plus there's been so much going on.


Rage Against the Night edited by Shane Jiraiya Cummings. Lots of great stories in here and the on edge fear is a good change from everything else I've been reading.

I have a more involved brace, more restrictions, but a diagnosis and hope. We saw the specialist on Friday and he said I have De Quervain syndrome. Naturally it's affected by every single one of my hobbies, but thanks to the steroid shot and the brace (despite how much I despise it) I'm feeling a lot better. There's a lot less pain, though still quite a bit of weakness. I have to wear the brace all day (though I take if off to eat because I'm impossible) for the rest of this week. Then I can start wearing it less and slowly resuming my activities. I'm sure fighting will be the last thing I can get back to but at least I'll be able to spend a bit of time with knitting and video games.

Yay for actually knowing what's going on. :D
9th-Mar-2016 06:30 am - WIP Wednesday: Nothing [life craptatude, wip]

I am twitchy in ways I didn't think I could be. I can't knit, play console games, most computer games are out as the mouse and keyboard both are difficult to do, and I can't fight. To say I'm not handling it well is a severe understatement.

On the plus side the Dr. is pretty sure it's not carpel tunnel. He thinks it's just a sprained tendon from the flurry of gift knitting I did. I have an appointment with a specialist on Thursday to find out more.

Meanwhile I'm staring at my stash and wondering why it hasn't knit itself up yet.

4th-Mar-2016 06:30 am - All the Washcloths [knitting]
Mother Wolf
I had, and still have quite a bit, of cotton yarn left over after the washcloth blitz of Christmas. So I paired these two colors together to see just how many I could make.

I did have a bit of warning to wash them before use as the lighter color attempted to dye the recipient of the original cloths.

I think this one is my favorite. Quick decreases, large needles, and simple pattern make for a happy Shadow.

Luckily one spin through the washing machine seems to have taken care of the color issue.

I think I like this one the least. I don't think I sewed the center together correctly as it's not bunching up like it's supposed to. Oh well, just going to be used here at home.

It was supposed to be a spiral but I didn't quite get the order correct.

The last one was made in just one evening .. once I figured out my counting issues.

I still have a bit of the dark blue but I think it's little enough that I'm okay with tossing it into the stuffing bag.
Nox - Standing


I might have gotten a little of my crafty mojo back with this. I happened across the handspun from my first fiber purchase where I was super excited to spin it. This is the first fiber I bought when I first started looking at spinning so I could have it for when I was better. I love how it's playing with the pattern and showing off the colors. It's not the socks for the wedding that I was previously looking for, but it's happy making.



I'm very slowly making my way through Fallout 4, mostly in tiny little bursts of figuring things out.


Nefertiti's Heart by A. W. Exley. I was expecting nothing more than a bit of a mystery but there's also touches of romance so that's cool. It's a fun read.

24th-Feb-2016 06:30 am - Stash Frustration [life]

This is my stash .. or about half of it.


There's more fiber in a tote in a storage building and about half the yarn is still over at the ex's. I have to stand on the couch to see even partway inside the top two drawers (yay for being short). I can't fully open any of the drawers and I can't access the bottom two (not pictured) at all without moving several things.

I was frantically pawing at it night before last because I was quickly running out of the alpaca I was knitting with and I knew there was just a tiny bit left over from a previous project. I found it. I also found a gorgeous blue sock yarn that I want to make socks with and then use the remainder to make little footies to wear with my heels for the wedding. Last night I couldn't find it at all, despite knowing I shoved it back into the drawer that has a bit peeking out.

I did manage to find two left over balls that I had set aside to make fingerless mitts with (and then lost one of them). But I'm apparently short by 20 yards to make any of the designs I found on Ravelry. Yes, I could make my own pattern but my brain is mush these days and I really just want to sit down and follow somebody else's trials and mistakes without having to think all that much. Even trying to find a pattern for a random bit of yarn is feeling altogether too much.

It's dumb, I know, to complain about such trivial things. But I feel like I'm incredibly limited in what I can easily lay my hands on and lately everything feels like a chore. None of my crafting is leaving me fulfilled. I'm sure I'd feel better if I put laundry up or organized the pantry / bathroom / everything shelf we have but when I'm already feeling worn out and at the end of my rope that doesn't appeal at all.

I'm still here, I'm just drowning under a mountain of have to's, should do's, and I don't wanna's.
20th-Feb-2016 06:30 am - Green Tabard [sewing]
The prior green tabard needed was pretty much falling apart, fraying areas and ripped stitches. Hey, it's hard to stay looking good when you get beat up all the time. So we put together a new one for Jon.

I angled the flaps again which he likes. I'm also doing the trim slightly different, so it lays a bit smoother.

It's taking less and less time each time we make one. At this point we have the measurements set, at least for him. The slow part is the star on the front, but then I pop trim on and toss in a few seams for a completed tabard.
Mother Wolf

The invisible hat is because I have the yarn and needles pulled, I just hadn't started it by the time I took pictures last night. But it is now started. Somehow I have no black hat, thus I have to fix this oversight. Meanwhile I do have progress on the stripy socks thanks to Deadpool and Star Wars, plus random times when I had nothing else to work on during lunch.

Last night we cut the fabric for two tabards and a tunic. I'll likely sit down and sew them up Thursday night, if prep for the day battle doesn't take over.

Lots of Star Wars and Fallout 4 when Jon needed the computer. I'm finally feeling like game play is clicking for me a bit more in Fallout so it's easier to line up shots and shot on the run, though I still go through bullets like crazy. I switched over to my Jedi on Star Wars to finish up her story since she's in the upper 40's and I'd like to see how Jedi Knight plays out before moving on. I plan on moving some characters around and deleting a couple, particularly ones that I created to play with step kid or ex interests.


The Serpent in the Glass by D. M. Andrews. I'm less than 20% into the story so far so not quite sure what I think but so far it's interesting for the age range it's geared toward.

12th-Feb-2016 06:30 am - Elisa [knitting]

My first finished project for the year was the Elisa shawl. I really wanted something a little elegant and basic but with a touch of lace and interest for work gatherings or dressier events.

This was a perfect fit for what I had in mind and I had some yarn in my stash that felt like it would have exactly the amount of drape that I wanted.

The lace was a bit annoying as I was constantly worried about being on the wrong side. I had a lot of trouble seeing the pattern on this one.

Of course the difficulty of the lace means that it's pretty much reversible.

10th-Feb-2016 06:30 am - WIP Wednesday: Missing Blue [gaming, knitting, reading, wip]
Pen / Sword
I realized yesterday morning that I had no blue hat. Well, I do have a blue one but it's a lighter blue than what I wanted to wear. So naturally I cast on a new one when I got home and found the right shade of blue in my stash. That's normal, right?

Star Wars as much as possible. I'm really loving the world of Makeb.


The Use (Changing Magic Book 1) by D. L. Carter. While it's nothing like what I expected it's still a wonderful read and very compelling. I keep sneaking more in when I can. I may have to find more by this author, particularly the rest of this series.
9th-Feb-2016 12:53 pm - Confessional Box
Sometimes we need the chance to get things off our chest while knowing that we won't be judged. Sometimes we need to talk to somebody just to get things straight in our own head. Sometimes we just want to share a thought with somebody.

Here's your chance.

Comments are screened and anonymous posting is allowed. Tell the box anything you need to get off your chest or out of your head. If it's something you want to discuss further, leave a way of contacting you.

Secrets come here to die. What's posted here is simply between you and I. I won't even contact you about it unless you ask me to.

The Confessional Box is now open.
Nox - Standing
Knitting Crochet:

I'm officially tired of the stash and the cotton yarn and .. I just want to pick a nice pattern and buy the yarn to make it and stop shopping the stash. I have at least 3 patterns in mind that I'd love to make, someday. But, I'm being good and trying to save money. So more washcloths until the cotton is gone, or at least gone enough to not feel bad about tossing the last little bit out. This is currently number 5 from these colors.


Star Wars!!!! I finally got to play my sith again. My sweet, evil sith. So many changes so I had to get my crew back in order and clear out some super old missions that weren't actually giving me anything since the changes. But I got to play my sith again!


Sympathy for the Devil arranged by Tim Pratt. I think I was really hoping for a bit more horror ... or at least that's what I actually wanted to read. Not that they're not good stories, they are. I think my mind was just in a different frame of want.
29th-Jan-2016 06:30 am - Jon's Pants [sewing]
The first finish of the year is actually a project that Jon did. As part of my birthday present he took lessons from a friend to learn how to sew. He's so good that now all weapon covers will be his job, he's better at them than I am anyhow.

These pants were his first project and I think he did an incredible job.

Not only were they super simple but they give lots of room to move while fighting. He's going to make more for the other colors we wear. I may even have him make some for me instead of wearing the yoga pants all the time, more room for the knee pads.

Here's a couple action shots.

I love that's he so willing to help with the crafting side of our hobbies.
Nox - Standing

I've been a bit absent. A death, not great news from the dr (nothing serious, just a change in what I'd planned for my future), a new job, and a whirlwind of event / wedding prep has kept me a little off kilter in many ways. Luckily Jon has been wonderful in helping keep me together. Also not having my laptop has curtailed a lot of my online work. Anyhow, on to the progress stuff.

I have a lot of left over from Christmas knitting ... and they're keeping me from digging further into my stash for fiber and yarn. So, wash clothes for us! This is the second of these colors, and perhaps the last. I can't remember if there's more of this color hanging out in a drawer or not.

It's been hard to knit lately because of stash frustration and lack of motivation for much of anything but I have made progress with the stripy socks.

I've been hanging out mostly in Yoshi's Wooly World when I have played, as well as Child of Light. I'm also now a subscriber to Star Wars again, hopefully tomorrow I'll have a bit of time to play with that.


A lot of my brain has been here, on wedding stuff. We're finally working on the save the dates. There will be very few of them sent out, as everybody in Houston that will be invited already knows they're invited. These will mostly be for non-local invites. So, they'll be all handwritten and made pretty.


Sympathy for the Devil arranged by Tim Pratt. Another book of short stories, but with Neil Gamain, Elizabeth Bear, and Stephen King among the authors I couldn't pass it up.

Sometimes we need the chance to get things off our chest while knowing that we won't be judged. Sometimes we need to talk to somebody just to get things straight in our own head. Sometimes we just want to share a thought with somebody.

Here's your chance.

Comments are screened and anonymous posting is allowed. Tell the box anything you need to get off your chest or out of your head. If it's something you want to discuss further, leave a way of contacting you.

Secrets come here to die. What's posted here is simply between you and I. I won't even contact you about it unless you ask me to.

The Confessional Box is now open.
1st-Jan-2016 03:51 pm - A Year of Books in Review [reading]
Pen / Sword
01/03/15 Book of Sith  by Darth Sidious  
01/10/15 Four Dragons     by Diana Botsford
01/14/15 The Happiest Days of our Lives by Wil Wheaton
01/16/15 Zombies Vs Unicorns by Various
01/23/15 The Plant by Stephen King
02/08/15 Stardust by Neil Gaiman
02/14/15 Gingerbread Man by Maggie Shayne
02/21/15 Call of the Herald: The Dawning of Power 1 by Brian Rathbone 
02/25/15 Cupcakes, Trinkets, and other Deadly Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge 
03/01/15 T.S. Livingston and the Mystery at Madame Molineauxs by Violet Selbourne
03/02/15 Alterlife by D. Rus
03/03/15 Beauty and the Beast: Faerie Tale Collection   1 by Jenni James
03/09/15 The Agonizing Resurrection of Victor Frankenstein and Other Gothic Tales by     Thomas Ligotti
03/15/15 Ben the Dragonborn by Dianne Astle
03/16/15 Amityville Horrible by Kelley Armstrong
03/25/15 The Ape's Wife and Other Stories by Caitliin R. Kiernan
04/16/15 Bleeding Shadows by Joe R. Lansdale 
04/24/15 Jacaranda by Cherie Priest
04/28/15 Nobody's Home by Tim Powers
05/12/15 New Amsterdam by Elizabeth Bear
05/16/15 Muse of Fire by Dan Simmons 
05/19/15 The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate by Ted Chiang
05/22/15 Fortress Britain: Arisen   1 by Glynn James & Michael Stephen Fuchs
05/29/15 Salvage and Demolition by Tim Powers
06/04/15 The Mallet of Loving Correction by John Scalzi 
06/05/15 Inside Job by Connie Willis 
06/23/15 The Jack Vance Treasury by Jack Vance
06/25/15 Sleepers: Swarm Trilogy   1 by Megg Jensen
07/02/15 Drowning Mermaids     by Nadia Scrieva
07/05/15 Clockwork Lives: The  seller's Tale by Kevin J. Anderson, Neil Peart
07/08/15 Arena Mode     by Blake Northcutt
07/09/15 Introductions: The Ghost Bird Series: 1 by C. L. Stone
07/13/15 Invisible: Aerling Series   1 by DelSheree Gladden
07/15/15 Insanity: Mad in Winderland 1 by Cameron Jace
07/19/15 Lady Falls: Black Rose Trilogy 1 by Renee Bernard
07/23/15 The Hauntings of Playing God     by Chris Dietzel 
07/26/15 The Changlings: War of the Fae 1 by Elle Casey
07/28/15 Blood and Snow Vol 1-4 by Rashelle Workman
07/30/15 Brayan's Gold     by Peter V. Brett
07/31/15 The End of the Sentence by Maria Dahvana Headley & Kat Howard
08/03/15 A Quest of Heroes: The Sorcerer's Ring 1 by Morgan Rice
08/06/15 A March of Kings: The Sorcerer's Ring 2 by Morgan Rice
08/10/15 Call to Arms: War of the Fae 2    vElle Casey
08/11/15 Gray's Ghost by Mercedes Lackey
08/13/15 Faery Swap by Susan Kaye Quinn
08/18/15 Moonlands by Steven Savile
08/22/15 The Cypher: Guardians Inc 1 by Julian Rosado-Machain
08/24/15 Accession: The Sarah Web 1 by Terah Edun
08/25/15 The Fairy Tale Trap: Ivy Thorn 1 by Emily Casey
08/28/15 Destiny's Hourglass by Nic Tatano
09/04/15 Tales of Tinfoil by David Gatewood
09/08/15 I Travel by Night by Robert McCammon
09/10/15 Hidden: DragonLands 1 by Megg Jensen
09/11/15 The Utterly Uninteresting & Unadventurous Tales of Fred, The Vampire Accountant by Drew Hayes
09/12/15 The Spooky Chronicals: Forget Me Nots by Kevin Ranson
09/22/15 The Very Best of Charles de Lint by Charles de Lint
09/24/15 Inherited Danger: The Dawnings of Power 2 by Brian Rathbone
09/25/15 Waking up Married by Mira Lyn Kelly
09/28/15 Easy Bake Coven by Liz Schulte
10/08/15 The Top of the Volcano by Harlan Ellison
10/09/15 The Zombie Chronicles by Chrissy Peebles
10/13/15 The Arch of Avooblis by Charles Streams
10/14/15 The Red Wolf's Prize by Regan Walker 
10/15/15 The Dirty Parts of the Bible by Sam Torode
10/23/15 Warrior in Bronze by George Shipway 
10/27/15 Balanced on the Blade's Edge: Dragon's Blood 1 by Lindsay Buroker
10/27/15 A Quest of Heroes: The Sorcerer's Ring 1 Graphic Novel Ep 1    by Morgan Rice
11/09/15 Some of the Best from Tor.com 2014 Edition by Various
11/11/15 Vs. Reality by Blake Northcutt 
11/14/15 The Voyage: A Historical Novel set during the Holocaust by Roberta Kagen
11/23/15 Maids of Misfortune by M. Louisa Locke
11/26/15 The Game: The Game is Life 1 by Terry Schott 
12/02/15 Plague of Angels by John Patrick Kennedy
12/04/15 Scorn of Angels by John Patrick Kennedy
12/09/15 Guinevere: A Medieval Romance by Lavinia Collins
12/14/15 Arisen: Nemesis by Michael Stephen Fuchs
12/24/15 The White Cross by Richard Masefield 
12/31/15 City in Embers: Collector Series 1 by Stacey Marie Brown

I'm super happy with my reading this year. I set a goal of 50 books and ended up with 77, with a page count of 21,860. They weren't all great, but I found a lot of new favorites. Highlights of the year include Diana Botsford, D. Rus, Cherie Priest, Elizabeth Bear, Morgan Rice, Drew Hayes, and George Shipway.
1st-Jan-2016 02:55 pm - A Year of Craft in Review [year in review]
Mother Wolf


Nereid Gloves – Knitting, Self

Fingerless Gloves – Knitting, Gift (Anna)

Fingerless Gloves – Knitting, Gift (Vivi)

Sword Covers x4 – Sewing, Jon

Club Cover – Sewing, Jon

Sword Cover – Sewing, Jon

Green Dress – Sewing, Self

Tabard – Sewing, Jon

Baby Uggs – Knitting, Commission (Sara)

Baby Bib – Knitting, Commission (Sara)

Tabard – Sewing, Jon

Shield Cover – Sewing, Gift (Toan)


Rhombus Socks – Knitting, Self

Foxglove Socks – Knitting, Self

Sword Cover – Sewing, Jon


Shield Cover – Sewing, Self

Show-off Stranded Socks – Knitting, Self

Hitchhiker Shawl – Knitting, Self

Sword Cover – Sewing, Self


Blue Dress – Sewing, Self

Swirl Hat – Knitting, Self

Sword Cover x2 – Sewing, Gift (Toan)

Rice Bag – Sewing, Self

Spring Day – Spinning, Self

Unit Flag – Sewing, Jon


Sword Cover – Sewing, Gift (Riddari)

Quiver – Sewing, Self

Gothic Spire Socks – Knitting, Self

Headband – Knitting, Self

Spartan Tunic – Sewing, Gift (Aries)

Dunes at Dusk – Spinning, Self

Loaner Tunic – Sewing, Jon

Black Tunic – Sewing, Jon

Chapeau Marnier – Knitting, Self


Fighting Gloves – Knitting, Self

Sword Cover – Sewing, Gift (Riddari)

Shield Cover – Sewing, Gift (Riddari)

Shamrock Tunic – Sewing, Jon

Shuhe Tunic – Sewing, Gift (Toan)

Drawstring Bag – Knitting, Self

Tekko & Kyahan – Knitting, Gift (Toan)

Sword Cover – Sewing, Gift (Riddari)

Sword Cover  - Sewing, Gift (Toan)


Two Tone Tunic – Sewing, Gift (Riddari)

Brown Tunic - Sewing, Jon

Sword Cover – Sewing, Gift (Toan)

Green Lace – Spinning, Self

Baltic Yarn – Spinning, Self

Wedge Socks – Knitting, Self

Sword Cover – Sewing, Jon

Kitty Bow Tie – Crochet, Gift (Ford’s Kids)

Green Singles – Spinning, Self

Handspun Slouch Hat – Knitting, Self

Mobius Headband – Knitting, Self


River Yarn – Spinning, Self

Eyelet Headband – Knitting, Self

Two Hearts Dishcloth – Knitting, Self

Breathe Shawl – Knitting, Gift (Alicia)

Shield Cover – Sewing, Gift (Toan)

Blue Tunic – Sewing, Gift (Riddari)

Green Tunic – Sewing, Gift (Eileen)

Green Tunic – Sewing, Gift (Doug)

Blue Tunic – Sewing, Gift (Eileen)

Blue Tunic – Sewing, Gift (Doug)


Club Cover – Sewing, Gift, (Toan)

Star Struck Headband – Knitting, Gift (Anna)

Basic Ribbed Hat – Knitting, Jon

Chapeau Marnier – Knitting, Commission (Kelly)

Chapeau Marnier – Knitting, Commission (Kelli)

Two Hearts Washcloth – Knitting, Self


Embroidered Shuhe – Sewing, Gift (Toan)

Luxury Cowl / Hood – Knitting, Self

Blue Tabard – Sewing, Jon

Purple Dishcloth Set – Knitting, Gift (Vivi)

Flail Cover – Sewing, Jon

Blue Tabard – Sewing, Gift (Riddari)

Timey Whimey Socks – Knitting, Self

Blindfold – Sewing, Jon


Circle Dishcloth Set – Knitting, Gift (Mary)

Sword Cover – Sewing, Jon

Sword Cover – Sewing, Self

Triforce Washclothx2 – Knitting, Gift (Chris M)

Hyrule Crest Washcloth – Knitting, Gift (Chris M)


Heart Washclothx3 – Knitting, Gift (Anna)

Fingerless Gloves – Knitting, Gift (Riddari)

Batman Washclothx3 – Knitting, Gift (Quana)

Headband – Knitting, Gift (Riddari)

Pug Puppy – Crochet, Gift (Vivi)

Shark Socks – Crochet, Gift (Rabbitt)

It was a very full year of creating and crafting. I finished out the year at 106 projects completed. I got pictures of practically everything, except for sword covers when they became too redundant even for me and a headband for Jon that didn't quite work out the way he wanted it too.

Of the 106 projects, 51 were knitting or crochet, 49 sewn, and even 6 completed yarns that I spun myself. I did better this year on knitting for myself as 32 of them were for me, 20 for Jon, 50 were given away as gifts, and I even picked up 4 commissions.

30th-Dec-2015 11:00 am - Holiday Giving [knitting]
Now that all the gifts have been given and exclaimed over ... I can share the many completed projects.

Everybody in Jon's family was given a set of washcloths, each with their own color scheme and pattern.

Jon's mother also received a tiny crochet pug.

We did gift exchange in the fighting unit and Riddari asked for gloves so he received those, as well as a headband since I had so much left over and he might want it during the summer.

And finally a friend of ours had a birthday and had previously expressed desire for a pair of these slippers.

30th-Dec-2015 06:30 am - WIP Wednesday: Elisa Shawl
Mother Wolf
I'm finally getting some knitting for me in and it's lovely to no longer have a deadline. I really can't wait to have this finished, I think it's going to be gorgeous.

I've also managed to get quite a bit done on my stripy socks thanks to movies. I love the colors on these.


I got new games for Christmas and once the holiday knitting was completed I dove into them full force. I've spent time in Yoshi's Wooly World which is incredibly adorable and addictive. I've also cleared a lot of the story in Lego Jurassic World. And since I was on the Wii U for some of the free time I also messed around with the Super Mario game that came with it.


City in Embers by Stacey Marie Brown. I find the premise interesting but there are some editing issues. Over all though it hasn't made me want to erase it off my kindle like the last book did so that's progress.
29th-Dec-2015 09:00 am - Timey Whimey Stripes [knitting]
Mother Wolf
These took forever to finish. I wanted this yarn so much the first time it was available and I was never able to swing it. It came back for a limited time and I jumped on it.

Between wanting to use absolutely every scrap of this yarn and wanting super long, snuggly socks, these took close to forever. Or at least nearly a year. On the plus side they had some of the best movie times associated with them. Next time I do super tall socks I'll start the calf increases earlier, and possibly better spaced. I still love them though.

The dark grey is a little bit that was left over from a previous pair of socks, so I also got to clear out the stash a little bit more. Granted, I ordered 3 more sets of this yarn, in other colors, so not much actual clearing happened. :laugh:
23rd-Dec-2015 06:30 am - A Handful of Hats [knitting]
I happened across this super soft camo alpaca in my stash and asked Jon if he had any interest in me making something for him. He inspected the yarn, even rubbing it across his face, which made me giggle. He then said a hat would be best.

That's not how you wear a hat, silly man.

He's a trooper, it was close to 100 for most days this summer and he still was willing to let me take pictures of him with warm alpaca on his head. But he has a hat for some day in the far future when Texas remembers how to get cold.

Speaking of cold weather in the future, I had to make something for myself out of that lovely yarn because it was such a treat to work with. Luckily I had more in the stash in a rose color.

A cowl / hood was just the answer to my desire to snuggle in the yarn.

Not that snuggling lasted long.

Two separate friends requested the same pattern so I made the following hat twice. I giggled when I received the mail and both of them, neither knowing the other, picked the exact same color.

I love this pattern and how the hat fits. The color is amazing too

I might have to order some for myself and made a third one.

21st-Dec-2015 11:03 pm - Orange Hugs [friends, knitting, love]
Mother Wolf
I have a friend who doesn't always remember how awesome she is. Well, I have several of those to be honest, because all my friends are pretty awesome, but at the moment I'm speaking of mac_arthur_park. She occasionally has moments where life is overwhelming and I wanted a way to give her a hug and remind her that she is loved, she is awesome, she is amazing. Distance contrives to keep such things from happening. But I'm a knitter, I play with yarn, and weave love into every stitch I make. She crochets. She understand the amount of love that is worked into a piece that is then given away.

I think she was in love the first time she saw this fiber on my spinning wheel. She oohed and ahhed over it. I had purchased it for my birthday because the color was labeled Gallifrey. The colors were brilliant in the sun. I knew in the back of my mind that I'd never wear the colors but I had to have it.

I did have to have it. I need it so that I could spin love into it and then add more love as I knit it into this shawl. I mailed this bundle of love off where it could wrap around her in moments of sorrow and comfort her, where she could wear it in happy times and add to the bright thoughts that are twisted into the stitches. A crafter understands how you can send a physical hug across many miles.

I love how the colors play with this pattern and how they swirl around in a warm sunset. This is one of my favorite pieces from this year.

Once I was done I had a little bit of singles left over that didn't get spun into the 2 ply yarn. So I threw together a quick headband for Jon's niece.

19th-Dec-2015 06:30 am - All the Sewing [sewing]
Mother Wolf

There's been so much sewing and I'm no where close to being caught up on FO Friday posts ... so the next several posts are going to be kinda like picture dumps.

The first one up is a new tunic for Riddari. Obviously a fighter can't go out to battle with only one tunic.

I feel like it's a little big but it gives him room to move when fighting ... and he still ripped out under the arms.

I also created clothing for his parents since they joined us at this particular fightin event. Each of them got one blue and one green tunic.

They looked great out on the sidelines and we loved having them out there with us. Plus it was pretty awesome to come back to camp and find food ready for us. :grin:

Toan wanted a fancier shuhe so he ordered special fabric from China.

At some point I should take in the straight seams a bit as it's a little on the large size. We tried to be extra careful with size since we were concerned about having enough fabric. I'm glad it's a little on the larger side, all things considered.

After the event Jon needed a new tabard and we wanted to make some adjustments to the fit.

He says this one fits much better. Plus I tried a new thing with the trim to hide the edges a bit better. And we're both pretty happy with the angled flaps.

Riddari also requested a tabard for his fighting gear.

It's the exact same as the Chieftain's minus the ranger star. I need to get around to making green tabards for both of them but I suspect that will wait until January. Though I can't wait too long, we have another camping / fighting event mid January.

16th-Dec-2015 08:40 am - Invisible WIP [wip]
Mother Wolf
No pictures of new things because everything in progress is pretty much a gift, and in one case, the person it's for does actually check my blog occasionally. Happy knitting!
11th-Dec-2015 06:30 am - Home Love [knitting]

I happened across this lovely purple in the stash and decided to make something for the home, to make it a bit more 'ours'.

I was a bit sad when I realized I was going to run out of purple, likely because i didn't swatch and I used a larger needle. Bah. No swatching for a washcloth. I remembered that I had a pretty green in the same yarn so I dug that out to finish it off. I think it goes together rather well.

And since I had more of the green left over and there was a matching pattern for a washcloth ... why not? I knit this up for Jon in a few hours. I love the set and that I was able to make something for us.

Mother Wolf
I'm finally on the last set of cloths, as far as I know. Hopefully they'll go as quickly as the others have.

No real time for this. Though we did participate in a day battle in San Antonio on Saturday. That was good.


Guinevere: A Medieval Romance by Lavinia Collins. I like the warrior queen she's occasionally portrayed as, as well as the woman of her own mind. So it's an interesting read so far.
Sometimes we need the chance to get things off our chest while knowing that we won't be judged. Sometimes we need to talk to somebody just to get things straight in our own head. Sometimes we just want to share a thought with somebody.

Here's your chance.

Comments are screened and anonymous posting is allowed. Tell the box anything you need to get off your chest or out of your head. If it's something you want to discuss further, leave a way of contacting you.

Secrets come here to die. What's posted here is simply between you and I. I won't even contact you about it unless you ask me to.

The Confessional Box is now open.
4th-Dec-2015 08:36 pm - First Handspun Projects [knitting]

For my first handspun yarn I wanted something to really show off the yarn. Because of the variance in weight I suspected that something very basic would probably be best.

I love how this hat came out. The color progression / spiral is lovely and the slouch feels perfect. I was thrilled that I still had more yarn to play with afterward.

The first picture shows a double mobius headband that I did. I found the construction very interesting and I look forward to doing something like that again. It also is the best picture I've gotten of the purple in my hair! Over 2 years of trying and it's the first time it's been very visible in pictures. The second picture is a basic eyelet headband. I love how they both show the different colors. Working with my very own handspun was fantastic!

2nd-Dec-2015 02:10 pm - Anger [anger]
Apparently there’s a study going on as to the best way to piss me off. Here’s some of the findings.

Don’t tell me a brand new piece of equipment is a piece of shit. Don’t follow that up with “It doesn’t work” when I ask why you say that. The fact that you’re angry with the machine tells me it doesn’t work the way you expected it to.

When I come in to look at the settings don’t refuse to get out of your chair. If you are going to refuse, don’t click out of the menus I’m leading you through because you thought we were done. We're done when I say to click accept or ok. Also don’t tell it to execute the commands without changing the settings like I told you to. It will still fail to perform the way you want if you fail to give it the correct commands.

Don’t walk up to me smacking on chips, or any food for that matter. It’s rude and you should know better.

Don’t ask me if I have person X’s thing. What thing? Oh log in? For which site? Make all that one request. Don’t make me pull information out of you.

Don’t take something from my desk without asking. I don’t care if you are only going to make a copy and bring it back. Ask first.
Nox - Standing
I'd love to say I have no idea how this happened ... but it's December and I have insane ideas about what I can handle. Or I'm trying to hide from depression and anxiety. Maybe both.

First up, the shawl that I have only done a row or two here and there, when I am between present knitting and am waiting to get more yarn. Because of this I haven't made much progress but I have finished one whole repeat of the lace. Only 2 more to go. Bonus kitty paw because she has apparently claimed me and must be involved in nearly everything I do.

We watched a movie the other day so my Gummy Stripes got a bit of love. Since I was close to the mark, I spent a bit more time on them while watching tv shows and added in the lifeline for the afterthought heels. Now it's just stocking stitch until the end, plus they're finally long enough to stuff the yarn in them. No more twisted yarn.

This is actually the second of these washcloths. I finished up the first one last night and went ahead to start the second one. After this set I only have one more set to go and the sets will be complete. Then I can move on to the other present stuff I have planned.

And then I remembered that I have a gift exchange a few days before Christmas. It's more like a week before. So I jumped on the gift for that one. Luckily it's a pattern I've done several times and I know it goes super fast.

More time in Star Wars, as well as Fallout 4. Plus Hatoful Boyfriend, which I'm not sure I'm terribly fond of.


Scorn of Angels by John Patrick Kennedy. This was an accidental purchase but luckily I enjoyed the first one and would like to see what happens next in this interesting, alternative look on what might have happened.
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