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Steadfast Love
I'd walk a 1000 miles, just for you.
Nails: Blue Catch Up 2 
13th-Jun-2013 06:31 am [nails]
Rainbow Paint

I finally got Liquid Sand! There's two more colors I want for sure, and then it's rather up in the air. I loved the texture and the feel of this. It dried super fast and lasted so long! Plus, since I used the glue base coat it was super fast to remove. A complete win.

OPI Liquid Sand Get Your Number

And from complete win to total flop. I wanted to do water marbling again and I had in mind blues, greens, and purple, to be abstract flowers. Somewhere in there the colors I picked turned muddy and wouldn't swirl right. I need to use different brands, China Glaze is a good one apparently. I don't even remember what polishes I used since I was switching between them all so much trying to find ones that would swirl without mixing. You get the off hand because I put off pictures for so long that the other hand is all chipped and worn.

At least this brings me up to date on the nail photos. Now to decide what I want to wear next week.
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