Shadow Wolf Byrd (shadowwolf13) wrote,
Shadow Wolf Byrd

She is Me and I am Her

She is a quiet girl, sitting on the edges of the crowd, quietly observing. Shyness prevents her from jumping in until the social waters feel safe.

She is an avenging angel when her loved ones need her. She expends all her energy to making sure they are safe and know they are loved.

She is a social butterfly, flitting from one group to the next. She carries a smile and a hug for each person she meets. She jokes and teases those close to her.

She is a reader, contentedly curling up with a book, knitting needles clicking away as she falls into another world.

She is passionate, giving all her heart to those she loves, treating them with love and bringing them happiness.

She is Confessor and holds both the secrets of her friends as well as her own close to her heart. They are locked away so none may find them.

She is creative, dressing up on the weekends to join friends at a park. They hit each other with foam weapons, taking wounds and deaths with drama and laughter.

She is tempered. Once a victim of another she has held those pains and hurts to the fire, strengthening herself and finding an inner lion that no longer allows the abuse.

She is a creator. She flits from knitting to spinning, from crochet to sewing. So many hobbies, so little time, but joy in every single moment of turning one thing into another.

She is a gamer, it matters not if it’s video, tabletop, or board. She rolls the dice with the best of them. She clears various areas and collects all the coins.

This could easily be ten different people. Instead they are all facets of me, I pull from various parts of me to create the whole. There is never just one side of me that is forward facing. I am not one dimensional; I am the sum of my parts and interests.

This isn’t even a full description of me. How could it be? I have so many interests, hobbies, goals, and motivations, and so much history, that to fully define who I am would take pages upon pages. It is the same for anybody who is not a paper construct.

These are only the bare surface layers. Over time more will be revealed, as more of the story is revealed with each stroke of the pen.
Tags: about me, lj idol s9
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