Shadow Wolf Byrd (shadowwolf13) wrote,
Shadow Wolf Byrd

Everyday Magic

I like creating little bits of magic with sticks and string. And it is magic. I go from a string to a wearable thing that is soft and warm and pretty.

I love lace because it's a scrunched up mess and it doesn't look very pretty at all. But I get it wet and stretch it out and, bam! Magic. I can create pictures and delicate things with my sticks and string. I can play with color and stitches to get the shape I want. I can make tiny little pieces and put them together to make whole new, complete things.

But the thing that is absolute magic every time is the sock. I can start from the toes or from the calf. I can knit in a spiral or wedges, or lengthwise. I've even knit them on a bias. But no matter how you look at it the part that just astounds me every single time is the heel. You're knitting in a tube, then you knit a little flap. Then, you start knitting little rows that start just past the center of that flap. The rows slowly gain a stitch on each side, one at a time. Once you finally have used up all the stitches you have turned the heel and created a little cup that, if done correctly, snugs around your heel like a wooly hug.

I very much love the little bits of magic I create. It makes me feel magical because it all starts the same, sticks and string.

Wait, did you expect to read about a time I turned heel and became the bad guy? Nah, I'm pretty up front about not particularly caring about most people and basically being out for myself. Besides, I've already written about that. *wink*
Tags: knitting, lj idol s10

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