November 12th, 2007

Cinderella cleans


Apparently there needs to be a new rule in the house. If you can't clean up after yourself in the kitchen you are no longer allowed to use it.

Good grief.

At least this time I'm not alone in seeing the mess. Apis and I fixed dinner last night and left the kitchen clean afterward, there was one pan in the sink because I wanted to let it cool before I rinsed it out and stuck it in the dishwasher. While we ate dinner and watched a movie lackland and L, his friend that is living with him, fixed muffins for their dinner. When Apis and I went into the kitchen to fill up a water bottle for him to carry with him on the drive home we find the mess they left, muffin pans scattered on the counter (including one or two they didn't use), and a sink full of dishes. They could have emptied the dishwasher and started filling it up with their stuff but it's so much easier to leave the mess for me to clean.

And neither Lackland nor L understand why I'm ticked off at them on a regular basis over this.

Edit: And apparently although I left no dishes out, all were rinsed and loaded into the dishwasher, and everything was put where it belongs, it was only 'mostly' clean, AND I'm a stupid bitch for even suggesting that they need to clean up after themselves.

LJ Idol Season 4, Topic 2

What Terrifies Me

I'm a bright, fairly successful, young woman. At the relatively tender age of 26 I am in the process of buying my house, I own my car, I have a decent paying job. I see progress in my life, almost on a daily basis. I have friends who love me and tell me so often. You would think I would be at the top of the world.

One the one hand I'm terrified by the thought that all I see is merely a dream. One day I'll wake from my slumber and find that all the progress I've made, all the lovely wonderful friends and happiness I've found is naught but a dream that my seventeen year old self created to escape into, to hide from reality in, to forget for a few hours that I'm beaten and abused on a daily basis by one who claims to love me. I fear that this life I live is imagination in my mind to ignore that I'm used for the personal pleasure of one who has no right, who should protect me from his son. I fear that all I have worked for will be burned away like so much mist when my waking causes the sun to come out. I'll wake and find that I'm still terribly familiar with huddling in a corner to protect my body from his fists and feet. I'll find that I only thought I walked away and found love and happiness.

On the other hand, I see all the progress I've made, I remember all the pain I've lived since I left him, and I know it's not a dream, it's real. I see the end of my dark tunnel and all the steps along the way that I must take to reach my happy ending, and it seems like so many, too many, and I'll never make it. I'll be left here, static. I fear that I'll always be striving for the life that I have planned with my Love, that there will always be just one more thing standing between our joint happiness and creating our life together. We'll always be barred from progress by more red tape, more little details, no matter how long we work at it. In the end I'll still be alone, loved only from a distance, and never truly moving forward.

What terrifies me is being trapped, be it in my past or from my future. Either I'll wake and find that all my progress is gone, or I'll wake and realize that I'm going nowhere, that all my plans are torn through like tissue paper.