Shadow Wolf Byrd (shadowwolf13) wrote,
Shadow Wolf Byrd

Hope is Alive

I should be one of the most depressed and upset people in the world.

I have been beaten and abused by somebody that I loved, somebody that I thought loved me. I have been lied to and shoved aside by somebody I thought would protect me. I have been cast out by the religious people who told  me they loved me. I have been betrayed by somebody who told me they loved me as they had loved no other. I have been stolen from and attacked by somebody who promised to be my partner. 

And still I go on.

I left my abusive boyfriend because I was scared he was going to eventually kill me and I had HOPE that I could continue with life.
I left his father because I wanted somebody in my life that would stand beside me and I had HOPE that I could find somebody like that.
I left the religion because I wanted something that made more sense and wouldn't turn on me and I had HOPE that there was a path for me.
I left our girlfriend because I wanted honesty and commitment in a relationship and I had HOPE that not everybody was a liar.
I left my husband because I wanted a partner who would truly stand beside me and I had HOPE that I could find somebody who would be a true partner.

And still I go on.

Fear has gotten me far, I have been motivated by my fear to change things. Courage and bravery have gotten me far, I have stood up and moved on despite the fear of change. And behind it all has been hope telling me that there was a change, that things could be better.

No situation is impossible or to much to handle with the right tools. There is always a way to fix things.

If you're the one looking for a way out, have hope because there are places to go. You are not alone, have hope, others have broken free and so can you. You are not to blame for the things happening to you. You are deserving of love and worthy of care. You do not deserve the hurt and pain, if they really loved you they wouldn't hurt you like that, no matter how big of a mistake you may have made. There are better ways, nicer ways, more loving ways to correct problems than with instruments of pain and torture.

Don't give up.

Have 1-800-565-HOPE.
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