Shadow Wolf Byrd (shadowwolf13) wrote,
Shadow Wolf Byrd

Story Time

All of my favorite stories have a common theme ... my brother, wiccachild.

There was the first time I met his then girlfriend, xxambertaimexx. He invited her to stay the night and I had invited lestat_tx over to watch movies and spend the night. The noises coming from behind Wicca's closed bedroom door were ... rather intriguing. So intriguing in fact that Lestat and I paused the movie we were watching. I sat and giggled at the look that was slowly dawning on Lestat's face.

"So that's what you girls sound like in bed!"  I lost it then as I realized that Lestat was serious; he'd never heard a girl before. We eventually went back to our movie and ended up dozing off before the end. It was around midnight after all.

The next morning Lestat and I giggled some more as we remembered it. We were in the midst of telling the other roommates, 13jamie and lackland about it when low and behold, the sounds begin again. We all listen and muffle our laughter the best we can. Eventually they finish and after a moment of silence we hear the door open. We listen as they stand in the kitchen and he asks her what she'd like for breakfast.  I call out and Wicca sticks his head around the door and look into the living room. He looks around at our grinning faces and slowly the light bulb over his head clicks on.

"I have only one word for you Bro."

"What's that?"


We all lost it then, even Wicca. He glanced back behind him into the kitchen and cracked up even more. Amber was standing in the middle of the kitchen and turning at least 10 shades of red.

Later that year on New Year's Eve Wicca and Amber celebrated with me while my then husband was sulking downstairs. We polished off a bottle of tequila by doing shots. It was the first time I'd ever done shots and I was rather giggly and buzzed. Apparently we both get rather in the mood when we've had a bit to drink, despite him only having three and me having a mere two. He started making kissy faces towards his girlfriend and telling her how pretty she was. He leaned so far forward on his chair that he over balanced and slid right into her lap.

Another habit of mine when I've drank any amount of alcohol is that I get rather warm and I want to strip down. So I shooed them out of the computer room and down to his bedroom. I closed the door behind them and tossed the clothes to the side. I had been chatting with a friend online and the cam had been up for a bit by then. I settled into my chair back in front of the cam and lost it as I heard a thump from the stairs. Wicca had fallen after he'd gotten all the way downstairs. I was explaining this, in the midst of giggles, to my friend who was watching me on cam when I there was a tapping at the door.

"Hey! Cam Whore!" (My brother, ever so loving)

I peeked out the door, he was munching on a bowl of cereal.

"I wanted to let you know that I made it all the way down the stairs and didn't fall once!"

"Bullshit! I heard the thump!"

"No, no, that was the wall, it stepped in front of me!" Even buzzed I knew that walls don't move so I laughed at him. Then, from the small opening of the door I watched as he contemplated the stairs in front of him. Slowly he folded down until he was siting at the top of the stairs. "I think I'll go down this way this time though."

"You do that, I'm going back to my cam." I closed the door and collapsed back into my chair, tears streaming down my face and I laughed until my stomach ached.

The next morning Mom started to yell at him for getting his sister drunk ... until he reminded her that I was the older sibling.

Most of my moments with my brother have been filled with so much laughter that I've cried and made my stomach and face hurt from the laughter. There was the time I bought him a pair of handcuffs at the sex shop, and the rush trip down to Houston to pick him up and have him back in Irving in time for us to go visit Mom the next day. There have been various late night trips, all night chats, and countless conversations at the dinner table. I couldn't ask for any better memories with any member of my family.
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