Shadow Wolf Byrd (shadowwolf13) wrote,
Shadow Wolf Byrd

Love for Christmas

So, I want to do something nice for people and I'm short of money but have some time on my hands.  Thus I propose a love post.

Here's the deal: You post a comment with somebody's name in it if they don't already have a thread started. Then you reply to that comment with something you love about them. Then scroll through the comments to see if you have any other friends to leave love for. You can also help by spreading the link around and letting others know to come here and share love for friends. You are under no limits as to who you may post, I love hearing what you love about strangers too! There are no limits to how many names you can toss into the circle, the more the merrier! You don't even have to know me to participate!

I will send each person that's mentioned a note to let them know the nice things said about them.

***Please be sure to reply to the comment that has the person's name in so each person can easily find their love notes. Random love that's not in a name thread will be screened simply to keep things as clean and uncluttered as possible.

Anonymous comments are always allowed should you be shy. I will, however, be deleting any comments that are not in the spirit of the season, so play nice. I want this to be a nice thing, not a place for bashing people.

Please feel free to let all your friends know about this post as well! Now, on to spreading the love!

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****Stop! Before you hit reply please check where you're hitting it and why. If you wish to create a new thread for somebody not listed then reply to the post.  If you're wanting to leave love for somebody on the list please make sure you're replying to the comment that has their name in it. Otherwise they won't know it's there and it'll get screened.
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