Shadow Wolf Byrd (shadowwolf13) wrote,
Shadow Wolf Byrd

Winding Through Our Day

Our days spiral before us and roll up behind us on a movie reel. It creaks and clanks as it turns, winding up our memories into discs of moving pictures but on most days we don't hear it at all, so involved are we in the current and the future that we almost never look back behind us.

Each morning we begin our day the same, winding ourselves up to leave the house. He wakes me with kisses, bringing me breakfast that we share. I reach for him, hungering for his touch, his arms around me for just a moment longer. He smiles at me. His love pours down onto me and wraps me tightly. His hands brush against my cheek, my hair as he reluctantly pulls away.

In the half light from the closet he dresses for the day. In the soft glow of the screen before me I check my emails. He putters around me as he prepares to go, donning socks and boots, gathering watch and wallet. In the kitchen he gets his lunch and puts it with his bag. With great reluctance he comes back to me, telling me he has to go. I wind my hand up with his and pull him close for kisses. I press my lips to his time and time again. I leave a kiss in the palm of each hand. It's to protect him while he's gone from me, I don't know that it works but I'm loath to tempt fate by forgoing his kisses on any morning.

After he departs I wind my hair up in a bun and take my own shower. I dress and gather my own things to spend another day at the library volunteering my time. I unwind my hair and run the brush through it, watching as it spills over my shoulders. I select everything carefully so that I can be me and yet not offend young eyes and senseabilies. I toss a sandwich in my bag and I'm out the door, the road unwinding before me as I drive.

After a long day apart we come back together our arms winding around each other. We share the cooking and eating of dinner; we move together smoothly and in perfect time with each other. Under the table our feet come together, mine resting on his. As the final moments of the day tick off the watch we wind up snuggled together in bed, this day winding up just like all the others before it, his arms wound around me as the dog snuggles against my chest. We wrap ourselves and each other in pure love and happiness.

Our future unwinds before us and I sail along the filmstrip as the reel turns and turns, winding up our past behind us.
Tags: lj idol s7, love

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