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Steadfast Love

I'd walk a 1000 miles, just for you.

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Shadow Wolf Byrd
13 November 1981
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Height: 5'2"
Hair Length: 3'
Totem Spirit: Wolf
Favorite Color: Purple
Religion: Pagan, Wicca
Dating: Married (poly in spirit)
Degree: Interior Decorating
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Music
Addictions: Chocolate & Starbucks

Who am I:
I'm Shadow. I post a little bit of everything I think, music that strikes me, random thoughts, political bits, gaming miscellany, and lots of knitting things. I'm a geek girl walking a pagan path, I'm not sure how much that shows up here, though at the moment I'm also not terribly sure what my pagan path is. I write and sometimes share bits with my friends in an attempt to improve. Therefore, if the post is labeled writing feel free to give constructive criticism, it is always welcome. I live with my husband, Jon, in Houston, TX, we are owned by a mouthy cat who is too small for the amount of noise she makes. This wasn't the life I'd planned but that's okay too.

I lost my Nanny on May 13 2003. I occasionally post to her here. She was my mother even though she was my great grandmother. She was my confessor and my adviser. The pain of losing her never goes away and never seems to dull fully.

A full explanation of most parties mentioned here can be found here.

The art work in my mood theme is by Josephine Wall and the theme was put together by luxuria_oceanus.

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User Number: 746994
Date Created:2002-10-20
Number of Posts: 2,453

Shadow is Shadow; there is no imitating her. She is a rare blend of geek, poly, pagan, and fairy dust that can not be duplicated.
Strengths: Happy, Believes in love and the inherent goodness of others.
Weaknesses: Always stops to pet the puppies.
Special Skills: Can make men blush with just a look, Understands Geek.
Weapons: Kisses, hugs, and whispered words.
Sidekick: Nox-A-Puppy

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I am writing several stories, if you are interested in reading them then please let me know so that I will know to add you to the list. This is friends only because I don't want somebody stealing it, also I've limited who can read it because I'd like honest and intelligent feedback. All constructive criticism is appreciated. All story related entries will be added to my memories and can be found there.

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Love is Love.

Marriage is the state in which N people are formally joined together with certain legal rights and obligations toward each other.

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